RODE VideoMic GO II Lightweight Directional Microphone

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RODE VideoMic GO II Lightweight Directional Microphone
  • ยี่ห้อ : RODE
  • รุ่น : VideoMic GO II
  • The VideoMic GO II is designed to make capturing incredible audio incredibly easy. Ultra-lightweight and compact, with powerful features that are simple to use, it is perfect for all forms of content creation with a camera, smartphone or tablet, or computer. 
    Key Features:
    • Broadcast-quality compact shotgun microphone
    • Ultra-lightweight (just 89 grams)
    • No battery required and no complicated switching – incredibly easy to use
    • 3.5mm TRS output for use with cameras
    • USB output for use with mobile devices (iOS and Android) and computers (macOS and Windows)
    • Compatible with RØDE apps for accessing advanced features, powerful digital signal processing and studio-quality recording on any device
  • ราคาปกติ : 5,290.00 ฿
  • ราคาพิเศษ : 4,700.00 ฿
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